Yahiko Gelato

The blessings of Yahiko in a sake brewery gelato

Made with generous quantities of Yahiko-grown ingredients, including premium Echigohime strawberries, Kyoho grapes, and Yahiko Chamame (a type of edamame)

As the sake brewing season draws to a close, the brewers visit the foothills of Mt. Yahiko, and make gelato that are packed with fresh ingredients grown in Yahiko. Our gelatos are a gesture of hospitality to worshippers visiting Oyahiko-sama, so they are hand-made with meticulous care by our 1st Class Sake Brewing Technicians, and hand-packed one by one.

Available in ten flavors that make the most of the ingredients, some for a limited time only in particular seasons.

Our gelatos are truly hand-made with fresh cow’s milk that is delivered directly to the brewery every morning. Fresh ingredients are used in generous quantities, and the delicious, genuine flavor of the ingredients comes to the fore. Enjoy the blessings of Yahiko Village’s natural surroundings.
Yahiko Gelato contains no egg and is non-alcohol, so can also be enjoyed by children.

Yahiko Gelato Stockists
In Yahiko Village
Shiki no Yado Miyano 2927-1 Oaza Yahiko, Yahiko Village
Oyado Dairoku 946 Yahiko, Yahiko Village
Kappo no Yado Sakuraya 1043-41 Yahiko, Yahiko Village
Sasaya Confectionery/Gallery Usachi 1239 Yahiko, Yahiko Village
Shoritsudo 941-1 Yahiko, Yahiko Village
Ito Souvenir Shop 2917 Yahiko, Yahiko Village
Sugiyama Resthouse 2915 Yahiko, Yahiko Village
Nishizawa Shoten 2914 Yahiko, Yahiko Village
Tanabashi Souvenir Shop 2916 Yahiko, Yahiko Village