Award-Winning Sake Brewery at National Umeshu Awards

At the presentation ceremony for the National Umeshu Awards 2015 (Sensoji, Tokyo)
From left: Tomohiro Akeboshi, Director, Umeshu Research Association; Genichiro Oi, Master Brewer, Yahiko Shuzo; Yuki Aoi, Japanese alcoholic beverages coordinator/MC

The National Umeshu Awards was held for the first time in 2015 to determine Japan’s top umeshu (Japanese plum wine). More than 160 brands of umeshu were entered in seven different categories. They were judged in a blind tasting, with the manufacturer’s name and label covered.

In the most fiercely contested category, Japanese Sake-based Umeshu, Yahiko Shuzo’s Koshino Hakusetsu Umeshu was selected as the best in Japan.

A refreshing mouthfeel, combined with the rich aroma and flavor of ume plums that wafts gently around the mouth. Drink straight chilled, on the rocks, with hot water, or with soda.

National Umeshu Awards

An umeshu fair organized by the Umeshu Research Association with the aim of spreading Japan’s ancient culture of umeshu and increasing knowledge about it, based on the Association’s philosophy of

(1) creating a bridge between general consumers and sake breweries through umeshu
(2) verifying the health benefits of umeshu
(3) communicating umeshu to the world as Japan’s national drink.

The Awards are held in Tokyo in September every year to judge umeshu made by sake breweries around the country in each category.
A presentation ceremony is held the following month at the National Umeshu Fair in Tokyo, where the gold, silver, and bronze medal winners in each category are announced.


Gold Medal, National Umeshu Awards 2015

Yahiko-grown Koshino ume plums and granulated sugar are steeped in Koshino Hakusetsu sake for ten months. Awarded a gold medal (best in Japan) at the National Umeshu Awards in 2015.