Ensure quality over quantity

The Izumi-ryu Style of Sake Brewing

Made by hand only in the depths of winter. A true local sake made in small quantities

Made using only the underground water flowing at the foot of Mt. Yahiko, Echigo’s most famous mountain.
Premium Yamadanishiki rice grown in Hyogo Prefecture, Yamadanishiki, Aikoku, Koshitanrei, and Gohyaku Mangoku varieties grown in Yahiko are carefully milled and prepared by hand in small batches only in the depths of winter, when the snow is piled on the ground, in our continued pursuit of “true Japanese sake.”

Sake as pure as snow and as precious as spring water

To ensure that sake of Ginjo grade and above retains its original flavor, it is heated in the bottle then stored chilled. This is the most meticulous method that can be achieved in modern times.
This gives our sake a pleasant mouthfeel and a mellow, gentle flavor.

Savor the taste of sake that is as pure as snow.